Zetera Corporation is the developer of Z-SAN® , a SoIP (Storage over Internetworking Protocol) technology that enables networked storage to be realized at unprecedented price-performance levels. The technology was invented by the creators of the IDE and ATAPI disk drive standards, which have shipped in billions of disk drives. Leveraging the latest IP advances, Zetera has created a new class of network storage technology that is superior in performance, cost, scalability and compatibility to all other types of network storage.

  1. Founded in September 2002

  1. Broad patent portfolio

  1. Installed base of > 300,000 Z-SAN-enabled devices worldwide

  1. More than 100 equivalent person-years invested, across three evolutions in the Z-SAN protocol and software code updates

  1. Software company

  2. Client / Server software licensed through OEMs

  3. Firmware licensed on controller and/or on the hard disk


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